Confined Space Training

Our confined space training courses are designed to meet your needs. If you need a FULL 3 day confined space course or a 2 or 1 day site specific confined space course we can do this for you.  You also must ensure you now meet the requirements of the National Workplace Health and Safety Act, and in particular the National Code Of Practice for Confined Spaces.  Here is the link for your copy. To better understand your needs, each course is explained below. But remember anything less than 3 days of training means we are taking confined space training competencies out of the course. This can be done if you decide that is what you require, based on your confined space risk assessment. You see at the end of the day, you will need to verify the level of training of your staff if something happens at the work site. NSW WorkCover has a CONFINED SPACE TRAINING position paper regarding confined space training it states in part…

“There are numerous confined spaces training courses available in New South Wales. It is recommended that they comply with the Australian Standard AS 2865 Safe Working in a Confined Space 2009 and the National Core Training Elements for Safe Work in a Confined Space (NOHSC, 1996) as a minimum or any other course that is BETTER than the one based on the Australian Standards”. NSW WorkCover

Be aware of confined space training that does not issue national competencies, it is not accredited training, and you are ultimately responsible to ensure your training meets national competencies as a minimum.